I have my doubts about Google's drive to add Google+ features to each and every one of its apps and services, but here is a new Google+-related feature that actually makes perfect sense: starting today, Google Voice - the company's VoIP telephony service - will integrate with your Google+ circles. Here is how Google describes this feature: "Circles give you...

Skype, the popular VoIP and text chat service announced a new beta version of its Windows client today. This new version (5.5 beta) doesn’t just include a number of visual enhancements - though it doesn’t do away with the clunky all-in-one interface – but also a deeper integration with Facebook. Skype now lets you chat directly with your...

No matter what phone you have and whether you have a data plan or not, Skype now lets you make international calls with just a few clicks and from any phone (after a quick setup).