Google+ Launches a Page for Developers – Still Doesn’t Have a Full Read/Write API


Google+ may be mired in a bit of controversy, but the team behind Google's social network keeps adding new features on an almost daily basis. What's really missing in the world of Google+ right now, though, is better support for developers and third-party apps that can't just read data from your account but also write to it. Today, Google is launching a Google+ page for developers and announced that it will host weekly office hours/Google+ hangouts for developers. Hopefully, the launch of this page is a precursor to a read/write API for Google+ that will allow developers to bring their ideas and innovations to Google's social platform.

In today's announcement, Google promises that "2012 is going to be a very exciting year for the Google+ Platform." So far, Google has been very protective when it comes to Google+ and the API really didn't allow for very exciting apps yet. Developers can't currently create apps for Google+, for example, or create a third-party iPhone client that you could use like a Twitter client to update your Google+ stream. Google always said that this current API "is intended for feedback and learning." Hopefully Google will take the training wheels off soon.

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