Looks like iOS 4.2 Won't Arrive This Week



Rumor had it that Apple was about to release the much anticipated iOS 4.2 update this week. While this update will bring some new capabilities to the iPhone and iPod touch, iPad users will benefit from this the most, as they will finally get Apple’s version of multitasking and folders. For now, though, it looks like Apple users will have to wait a few more days. According to the rumor mill, the current build has a major WiFi bug that could be a show stopper.

As usual, these are just rumors – and even the idea that iOS 4.2 would be released this week was a rumor – so the update could still hit Apple’s servers tomorrow. Or, we could see iTunes 10.1 tomorrow (it’s a necessary update for installing 4.2) and the iOS update next week. Of course, if this turns out to be a major bug, chances are that Apple will roll out a new GM build next week and only release the final version the week after. Steve Jobs only promised a release in November, after all, and we still have almost three weeks left in this month.


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