Color – just saying the name of it quickly became enough to get people to laugh about what was, without doubt, one of the most botched product launches in recent history (or riled up about the enormous funding round the startup got before it had even launched its product). The relaunch of the once photo-sharing focused app didn't result in much hype at the end of the year, but it looks like the company is now trying hard to get some attention for its video-sharing focused relaunch.

A new ad, which the company uploaded to its YouTube account last week, wouldn't look out of place on MTV. A group of hip 20-somethings decides to break into an empty house and have a little pool party. The ad also features a steamy makeout session in the pool, as well as a creepy guy who decides to use Color to broadcast everything to Facebook (without sound, of course, because Color doesn't do audio).

If that isn't a reason for using Color, I'm not sure what is. As AdAge notes, few startups have enough money to spend on a highly produced commercial. The ones that do usually tend to highlight their product outside of the context of Internet voyeurism.

Color on Facebook currently has about 1,000 active users.


(via: AdAge)

I got a few reports that the YouTube version of the video has now been set to private. I can still see it, but just in case, below is the Vimeo version, which was actually uploaded late last year.

Pool Hopping Commercial 2011 from Color on Vimeo.

popo1 5pts

I hope those ladies are wearing some

fredericl 5pts

@raganwald thanks for submitting the color story to Hacker News - sadly, it looks like it got flagged by somebody and disappeared :(

zygoat 5pts

By "add" you probably mean "ad" (as in "advertisement"), and by the spurious comma after "the ones that do", you probably don't mean to have a comma.

b //

freerobby 5pts

@royrod lol, seriously. could not believe that was a real ad when I watched it this morning.

matthewrex 5pts

@flyosity My mouth was agape the entire time…I just can't believe this company

sprockethouse 5pts

@flyosity What an extraordinary -- and cautionary -- tale of dot com hubris. Hard to believe how ridiculous the 'color' saga has been

gniting 5pts

@EghosaO the comments on that post are scathing! imo…overall, an oppty lost for the color team.

rurikbradbury 5pts

I believe that Color is an elaborate practical joke -- it's a spoof of the VC/startup community, the same way 'Scary Movie' spoofs horror films.

WeaponII 5pts

@flyosity well, porn did make VHS better than Betamax; Blu-Ray better than HD-DVD.

mattxs 5pts

@ashleymayer bc they are walking and not driving (in the suburbs!) I'm going to assume they are all underage, making this even creepier.

kymbee 5pts

@ashleymayer oh my gosh... a pool party make-out app... unbelievable! There's an app for everything... LOL

db 5pts

@TylerRidings Color should have just added profiles for users with the ability friend/follow. It would've been fine. Now it's whack.

ashleymayer 5pts

@mattxs On the bright side, Color continues to make the rest of us look *really* good by comparison.

ashleymayer 5pts

@kymbee Sadly I don't go to nearly enough pool parties to warrant downloading this ;)

oaknd1 5pts

@sproutworx ha! See it's video...but NOT audio. LITERALLY NO ONE IS IN THIS MARKET. AT ALL.

rohit_x_ 5pts

@EghosaO @gniting "go around" is the operative term. high angular velocity -- tho i must say i feel bad every time i take a potshot at colr

joshuaarnao 5pts

@TylerRidings I love that Color got 50 million to waste. The (redull) is my subliminal message to you.

TylerRidings 5pts

.@db totally agree. And by now I think color's had too many people shit talking them, and too many poor app releases to ever gain traction.

TylerRidings 5pts

@joshuaarnao no, I know lol. But hm haven't seen the fb app I need to check that out. I need to see a new app update too...

TylerRidings 5pts

@joshuaarnao ehh still gonna say no on that one lol. I don't think it will ever catch on after all the shit talking and bad app attempts.

TylerRidings 5pts

@db yea good point--and it's not like they don't have the money! you're on @joshuaarnao's side haha.

db 5pts

@TylerRidings Never say never. Fab pivoted at least 4 times before hitting a homerun. They just need to find & serve a need.