Google Launches New Gallery for its Doodles, Opens a Zazzle Store to Sell Them


Google puts a lot of work into the ever-changing logos it puts on its homepages around the world to commemorate historical events, holidays and the birthdays of people like Jim Henson, Cezanne or Thomas Edison. Indeed, there is a whole team at Google that focuses on nothing else but creating these so-called doodles and – at an increasing rate – interactive experiences for the Google homepage as well. For a while now, Google has offered a gallery of these logos, but today, the company is launching a revamped version of its Doodle site that makes searching for a specific logo significantly easier. The site features a total of over 1,000 static and animated doodles.

In addition – and just in time before the holidays – Google is also launching a doodle store on Zazzle, where you can get shirts, cards, posters, bumper stickers, mugs, stamps and other swag with your favorite doodles going back all the way to the year 2000. Until now, the only place to get doodle-themed swag was Google's employee store, which sadly isn't open to the public (though Google's employees are allowed to bring in a guest or two).

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3:23 pm

Google Gets a Musical Doodle in Honor of Les Paul


Google tends to feature a few different of its trademark doodles on its homepage every week, but every now and then, the company goes all out and does interactive doodles. This week, the honor to be featured in one of these goes to Les Paul, the legendary musician and inventor Les Paul who passed away in 2009. The Les Paul doodle is an interactive guitar that – if you look closely – somewhat resembles the Google logo. What makes today’s doodle special is that it’s not just interactive but that you can also record your own songs with it.


4:28 am