LulzSec Hackers Face a Leak of Their Own: Read the Group’s IRC Chatroom Logs


LulzSec, the hacker network that gained notoriety over the last few weeks thanks to leaking large databases of user names and passwords from a wide variety of sites and service, now faces a leak of its own. The Guardian received and published logs from LulzSecā€™s own private chatroom today that give us a bit more insight into how this group operates. Judging from these logs, LulzSec is apparently a group of about 6 to 8 hackers and not the massive network of security experts that LulzSec pretends to be.


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Hackers Take Down Australian Web Host, Leave 4,800 Sites Unrecoverable


There has been a frenzy of hacking activity over the last few weeks from organizations like LulzSec and others that affected a number of major brands ranging from Sony to Citibank. Over the weekend, Australian domain registrar and web host Distribut.IT was the victim of a “deliberate, premeditated and targeted attack” on its servers. At first glance, this looks like a typical case of cyber vandalism. What’s different about this event, though, is that the hackers didn’t just steal information or deface the compromised sites. Instead, they actually managed to destroy so much information that, according to the Sidney Morning Herald, at least 4,800 of the sites hosted on the company’s servers are now completely “unrecoverable.” (more…)

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