Do You Love Startups Enough to Subscribe to a Swag-of the-Month Club?

You can’t really call your startup a startup until you’ve ordered a few t-shirts and stickers with your logo on them. Startup Threads is one of a number of merchandising services for startup and specializes in t-shirts and stickers, though the company can also organize custom orders. But what if you don't go to a lot of conference and don't run a startup or work for one and you still want to get some startup swag? Here’s Startup Threads genius solution: the company just launched a monthly swag-by-mail club. For $15 per month (plus shipping), they will send you a package with a t-shirt, sticker and one surprise (trinkets, discounts, etc.) with a startup’s logo every month – and you don’t even have to attend any parties or conferences to get your monthly dose of swag.

This month, the featured company is travel startup Hipmunk. Other companies that have worked with Startup Threads include Reddit, Boxee, twilio and Breadpig. Startup Threads will send your bag anywhere in the world, though international shipping is a bit more expensive than shipping package inside the U.S.

Back in the early days of the last Web bubble, a company called Valleyschwag offered a similar service. There, too, $15 per month would get you a monthly bag of swag from Silicon Valley’s hottest companies. While the service was popular for a while, its founders quickly moved on to other projects. StartUp Schwag filled the hole left by Valleyschwag for a while, but they, too, ended their $15/month subscription service after a successful 32-month run in 2010.


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