Hulu Plus Comes to the Wii Today, Nintendo 3DS Later this Year


Remember the Nintendo Wii? That game console you really wanted to have a few years ago but that is now gathering dust somewhere in your attic? Neither did we, until we heard about the launch of Hulu Plus for the Wii today. It's hard not to think that Hulu is a few years behind here, though, but if you don't have any other means of getting Hulu Plus for your living room, your old Wii may just be a decent option.

The application is now available in the Wii Shop Channel and, as with all versions of Hulu Plus, it will cost $7.99 per month, though you get a free two-week trial as well.

Maybe more interestingly, Hulu Plus is also coming the 3DS, to Nintendo's handheld game console, later this year. There was no word on whether Hulu will offer any 3D content for the 3DS, though.

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Hulu Now Has 1.5 Million Paying Subscribers, Promises to Invest $500 Million in Content in 2012


Hulu just released its year-end data for 2011 and the numbers are pretty good. The streaming video company, which mostly focusses on recent TV shows, made about $420 in revenue lat year. This is up 60% from last year and exceeded the company's own projections. Its paid service, Hulu Plus, now has 1.5 million subscribers and the number of paying subscribers continues to grow.

According to the company's own data, the number of new subscribers it attracts every day is currently double the number it attracted last year. If this trend continues, Hulu will likely have close to 2.5 million subscribers by this time next year.

Maybe most importantly for current subscribers, Hulu also expects to invest "approximately half a billion in content in 2012." This – hopefully – means that the service's lineup of shows will continue to expand. Given that the traditional cable and broadcasting networks continue to be weary of Hulu and similar online services, it remains to be seen what effect this money will have on the content offerings on the service (especially if they decide to jack up their prices).


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