Delta Now Offers WiFi on All Flights


Until today, there were only two airlines in the U.S. that offered WiFi Internet access on all of their planes: Virgin America and Southwest Airlines subsidiary AirTran. Today, Delta is joining this group. Delta itself apparently didn’t think that this was enough of an accomplishment to warrant its own press release, so the news is actually somewhat hidden in the announcement of its new Business Class menu.

Given that it’s often hard to predict whether your flight will have WiFi on board or not, this announcement is a big deal for frequent Delta fliers who can now rest assured that they will be able to get online and check their email at 37,000 feet.

Exception: Regional Jets

Delta uses Gogo’s in-flight across its mainline fleet. The exception, though, are regional jets. These flights are generally outsourced to smaller companies and while they feature the mainline logo, are actually flown by crews from other organizations like Pinnacle Airlines, Mesaba or Comair.

Free for August

As our friends at Jaunted note, Delta will also offer free WiFi for the month of August, sponsored by Diet Coke. Just use the code DIETCOKEGOGO when you are on a Delta flight and get online for free.

8:57 pm

Chromebooks Take Flight on Virgin America


Google is definitely trying its best to get the word out about its ChromeOS-based Chromebooks. Now, the company has teamed up with Virgin America – one of the Silicon Valley’s favorite (yet perennially money-losing) airlines – to offer travellers to “test-fly” Chromebooks for free onboard their flights and at select gates from July to the end of September. Chromebook users – including those who bring their own ChromeOS-powered laptops on board – will also get free WiFi courtesy of Virgin America and Gogo. Travelers who stay in New York’s Ace Hotel will also find a Chromebook in their rooms. (more…)

4:51 pm